Generational Curses – Identify and Break Them

By hearing the words “generational curses”, you might be wondering what they are and how they come about.

As the name suggests, generational curses are curses that are passed on from generation to generation in a family. This then creates a bad pattern that allows generations to suffer from the same curse.                       

How do generational curses come about?

Family plays a big role on who we are and how our lives will be shaped from infancy. We all have a foundation that was laid for us by our parents and all the way to great grandparents. Whatever foundation they laid is what comes to affect our lives today in a positive or negative way. Generational curses are acquired when a foundation that is not from God is laid.

Our great grandparents might have bowed down to other gods, consulted with spirit mediums or even had shrines. As they consulted, they were doing it for generations to come. If these curses are not broken, no matter what the family does, they will need to go through deliverance to break them.

Many families find themselves going in circles in life, and not moving forward. With lack of knowledge, they blame other aspects of life and end up giving up.

Have you noticed a family dealing with a specific curse such as untimely death or poverty? This goes from generation to generation until it is broken by the grace of God.

Deuteronomy 5:9 says, “You shall not bow down to them or worship them, for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me”.

When parents or even grandparents perform rituals, go to witch doctors etc., it affects the children even if they were not a part of it.

As a Christian, you must be the one to stand in the gap to break these curses that were brought upon your family. Be the spokesperson on behalf of your entire generation!

Signs of generational curses in your life

 I often hear people say that jobs are scarce, everyone is going through tough times, businesses are not doing well and every other problem you can mention.

However, you may notice that others find jobs to be plenty, times are good, and business is going well. Why? Because there is no spiritual gate holding this person back.

When you see that life is tough no matter how much you push, you need to go back to the source – Jesus Christ. Create for yourself a prayer alter, kneel down and pray to God for mercy.

Here are some signs that point towards a curse:

  • Sickness
  • Unemployment
  • Poverty
  • Stagnation
  • Prostitution
  • Stealing
  • Murdering
  • Marital Delay
  • Backwardness
  • Failure
  • Confusion
  • Premature Death

1. Sickness

In your family, you experience a certain sickness that is said to have been bothering other family members that have long departed. Sicknesses such as high blood pressure, blindness and continuous headaches can be generational curses.

 A sister in Christ shared this testimony:

“My mom had epilepsy and in her family. There were people who had it and they used to say that it was normal in their family.

She got divorced because she could not walk, and our dad married again.

We used to work in a quarry in order for us to get school fees. One day I decided to be a cover for my family and break the curse.

I received a lot of spiritual attacks and nobody in my family understood what I was going through until I became a conqueror. My mom was healed and I glorify God every day and thank Him for opening my eyes. Glory be to his name, Amen!”

Our God is a wonderful God indeed. If you stand in the gap for your family, like our sister did, He will hear your cry for help and deliver you.

2. Unemployment

You may notice a pattern where your grandfather’s generation never used to get employment, your father’s generation struggled with the same, and your generation are struggling to get employed.

This is clearly a generational affair that is hurting the finances and opportunities of generations to come.

Unemployment brings about frustration, depression, sinful thoughts and jealousy. If that curse is not broken, one may end up taking the wrong route in life.

Not all unemployment is generational curse related. Some families practice laziness, and do not want to labor in order to have food on the table. It is just a pattern in the family that has followed generations to come.

3. Poverty

In most cases, poverty can lead to sin. No matter how hard a family works, poverty still lingers. None of the family members can take the family out of poverty. This is how stealing, prostitution and consulting with spiritualists among other things becomes tempting.

This then brings in many other spirits while trying to deal with poverty. Desperation becomes the cornerstone of everyday life.

4. Stagnation

When one works hard but there is nothing to show for it, this indicates a generational curse. There is lack of progress, and this problem visits the entire past and future generations to come. How can one work so hard and remain in the same place?

Stagnation is very painful because one can put in effort at work, school or business, yet when it’s time to harvest, nothing will come out of it.

5. Prostitution

Some women who are in prostitution do so not out of will, but because a curse may be at play. They try to resist the temptation and maybe get employment, but find themselves back in prostitution. If they had to look at their background, they would find that in their family, some family members may have been involved in prostitution as well.

I have listened to stories of women who are or have been into prostitution. Most of them do not really know how they ended up in this world. They mention that they feel under a spell because no matter how much they try to resist it, some force would be pushing them.

Some even say that when they want to stop, they would have more men approaching them offering large sums of money. They would eventually be tempted by the money and go back to their old ways.

This is a stubborn spirit that works hand-in-hand with the anti-marriage spirit. Even if they find someone to marry, that urge to go back into prostitution still lingers and they end up going back. The result is that marriage not working out.

6. Stealing

In some communities, thieves come from one specific family. As ironic as it sounds, they are popularised for their tricks and schemes whenever it is time to steal within the community.

When we were growing up, there was a family that had four boys and a girl. The boys started displaying a character of stealing at a very early age. They would steal pens from classmates at school, toys from other kids during playtime and money at home.

The neighbour’s thought it was just a passing phase, and that they were just being naughty. Little did they know that these children would grow up to be the entire community’s nightmare. During their teenage years, they started stealing from their neighbour’s’ homes.

They all dropped out of school without any reason and began to do serious robberies. When the two older ones broke into the local supermarket and were caught, it came out from the police records that their father was a seasoned thief before he died. All the uncles in their father’s family were also thieves and their grandfather too.

Is that not evident that this family was under a generational curse? How can everyone in the same family behave the same? It means that the previous generations did something that brought this curse into the family.

If this curse was not broken in this family, there is no way these young men were going to have children of a different behavior. God intervened in this family through their mother finding God. The grandchildren started to go to school, and they became responsible adults.

7. Murdering

If someone in the previous generations murdered a person and got under a curse, that curse can affect many generations to come. Some people become like someone under a spell when it’s time to kill. Later, they cannot recollect the reasoning behind the murder.

This curse must be broken through serious warfare as the enemy doesn’t easily give up. His mission is to kill, steal and to destroy, so where killing happens is where he dwells most.

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.”

God gives us life and there is no one who has the authority to take it. I pray you stand on this assurance today!

8. Marital Delay

If someone is under a generational curse, they either get married very late or they do not get married at all. If it happens that they get married, the marriage does not last long.

Divorce becomes a reality and as you know, there is much shame and guilt that comes with that.

That’s why I have created the Marriage Unleashed course to understand generational curses, delay and the stubborn anti-marriage spirit.

May it be a blessing to you, in the name of Jesus.

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9. Backwardness

This is another sign of a generational curse. It may be that everything that you do in life shows no progress at all. You may have started at the same position with others, but your progress is at the same level as you started.

This lack of progress and non-achievement is frustrating, and it is only God that can break you free from this!

10. Failure

Failure goes hand-in-hand with backwardness and stagnation. What is heartbreaking about this curse is that you can work hard, push yourself and even have dreams of the future, but failure waits at the corner.

This sort of behavior may be constantly occurring in the family. There may be nobody that has succeeded in life and the same can be said of the younger generation.

You must be the one to break it by the grace of God.

11. Confusion

Decision making is the biggest challenge with this type of curse. Whenever you must decide on big matters or issues, you have serious confusion. You end up making the wrong decisions and regret it in the future.

What seems straight forward for one person, is the complete opposite for someone suffering from this. Confusion often comes with failure because the enemy will push you into doing the wrong thing.

For example, imagine taking out a loan for a business that fails after its first few months? Not only do you have to deal with the confusion, but you have also failed at a goal you had for yourself.

12. Premature Death

In a family, members pass away in the same month every year. That is not a normal occurrence. It is unfortunate to see family members passing away for no known cause and leaving behind vulnerable children in the process.

That is the plan of the enemy. To remove destinies of people before they can even become something in life.

This article goes into the spiritual meaning of death in a dream.

One sure thing is our God is just, and I pray that God uses you to be the pillar for your family, in Jesus’ name!

 How can generational curses be broken?

Generational curses are in the bloodline and through the blood of Jesus they can be broken. The main step to take towards the breaking of a generational curses is self-deliverance.

Romans 10:9 says, “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord”, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.”

By declaring that Jesus is Lord, you have opened a communication channel between yourself and Him. You are a step into your deliverance.

Follow the below steps:

1. List all the generational curses that you know of in the family. As you pray, name them one by one.

You can pray the following prayer: “Father God, I come before you as I stand for my family. I know that you have chosen me to be the one to stand for them to break this/these generational curses. I cancel all these curses (mention them) in the family in the name of Jesus.”

2. Fast and Pray: during fasting and praying, focus on generational curses and asking God to help you. I would advise to go on a terminator type of fasting – the Esther fast.

It’s also important to have prayer points and not just using mere words during your fast. The website is full of resources in helping you.

3. Confess your sins and repent on behalf of the previous generations.

You can say, “I confess all the sins of all the past generations and repent on their behalf. I know some of the sins were committed because of lack of knowledge. I humble myself before you my Lord and ask that you forgive them their sins.”

4. Reject and renounce any generational curse(s) operating in your life.

Say the following with confidence: “Any generational curse operating in my life be broken in Jesus’ name. Any forces behind these curses that are standing on the way of my deliverance be destroyed. I reject and renounce all of them, from today they are not part of me, in the mighty name of Jesus!”

5. Disconnect and disassociate yourself from these curses.

Pray the following: “I disconnect myself and my family from these generational curses. I disassociate myself from any forces that are affecting me because of sins of my previous generation. Any sin that was committed before I was born, let it stay in the past in the name of Jesus.”

6. Speak life and declare only good things.

You can declare that “I speak life upon me and my family. Only good things and blessings shall follow us, we shall always bear good news amongst us in Jesus’ name.”

7. Mend your ways with God.

Say the following prayer: “Father, I know that my ways are not perfect. Today I ask you to lead me along the right path, be my feet in Jesus’ name. Whatever wrong turns that I was taking that were not pleasing to you, I leave them behind me in the name of Jesus.”

When these generational curses have been broken, you will experience a different life. Things will start falling in place and you will know that God is good.

I pray for you and your family. For more grace, knowledge and prosperity, in Jesus’ name.

Stay blessed!

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