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Woman in Connection

I desire to see every Christian woman gain the confidence of balancing the home life and ministry.

As a wife and mother – while also running a busy online ministry – I desire to see every Christian woman gain the confidence of balancing the home life and ministry.

A woman who knows who she is in Christ has the ability to impact her family and the world. This comes from finding purpose in what God has called her to be even if that means cooking or being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Woman in Connection was born to give Christian women a platform to thrive on every level. This space will provide you tips on entrepreneurship, and how to build a successful online ministry. The platform will also allow you to thrive, without neglecting your home and family.

In addition, I believe that a woman’s best support is from her home. Therefore, homemaking is a woman’s first ministry.

Being in ministry myself, I’ve witnessed my YouTube channel expand to over 280 000+ amazing subscribers, and 185k on Facebook, under a period of 3 years. So, I do understand what growing a ministry and avoiding feeling overwhelmed in the process feels like.

As Woman in Connection was created, I came to realize that every woman has different needs. This is why I have added something extra for that special sister and daughter of the most high God.

Here, you’ll find resources for that woman who loves to cook, single mothers, singles looking to get married, women who are praying for marriage restoration, women in ministry, entrepreneurs and those who just want to empower their prayer life. I can’t forget the sister who takes care of her family and children.

This is a place I will also be recommending the best products I feel are genuine and helpful.

Be on the lookout for resources on self-care, kitchenware, and house cleaning (if you’re someone who is a homemaker).

For personal development, I will share life-changing programs to help you thrive in your relationship with God, self, family and friends.

Stay blessed!

Agnes Mumbi

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Community Members

It was a first for me and I have to say I have never prayed like this before. God came through and I saw my life change for the better. I am expectant of greater things.

This community has allowed me to get closer to God. I now know how to pray effectively and understand the spiritual world more. Thank you to the team for your kindness and all you do.

I have learned a lot from the beginning and I am beginning to understand how God works. Am inspired and blessed to be a part of this amazing programme.

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