Death in a Dream – What is the Spiritual Meaning?

Death in a dream has a deep spiritual meaning that is beyond just a dream. It’s always important to have an open mind whenever you have a dream – whether good or bad. Have you ever had a bad dream and all you think about is that one dream? Remember that God can use death to reveal something good coming your way.

So before you start worrying and mess up your whole day, let’s look at different kinds of deaths that might appear in your dreams.

As much as death in a dream is a symbol of darkness and trouble to come, it can also carry some good news. That good news can be an end to a bad situation – which is a breakthrough for you.

Father God cannot be limited to how He can speak to you. He can use any line of communication to reveal something to you.

I want you to pause and pray this prayer;

“Holy Spirit, interpret this dream for me and may I not miss anything you’re saying – in the name of Jesus.”

The enemy usually uses this tool to instil fear and attack your life. Satan has been defeated and he stands no chance of harassing you. He’s scared and so he’ll try every tactic he can think of. You overcame the moment JESUS said, “it is finished!”.

Let’s have a look at different types of death in a dream.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died

To interpret your dream correctly, you should pay attention to all the different elements in the dream. Ask yourself some important questions.

1. What else was happening?

2. Who was in the dream – male or female?

3. Where were you?

4. How did it happen?

5. What can be the root cause?

And don’t leave the Holy Spirit behind. He’s your helper!

Dreaming about death of a family member

Proverbs 24:11

Deliver those who are being taken away to death, and those who are staggering to slaughter.

What does it mean when you dream about a dead loved one? Death is never a good thing and that’s why you get emotionally affected with such dreams. The message in this dream no matter how bad it may look, is God’s love for you. Even if you can see your loved one dead in the dream, it doesn’t mean that it’s final. It’s a warning and it can be reversed through prayer in the name of Jesus.

The enemy is looking for who to bring death upon in the family. It has happened to me many times before I knew how to pray the way we do in this family. I was ignorant of the enemy’s schemes and he was capitalising on it.

Why this dream?

Note: It might not be the person in the dream but any family member. In the dream, you might be at a family gathering and there is a funeral. There is a spiritual attack directed at your family so you need to pray and cancel it according to scriptures.

Ask God to deliver your family from spiritual attacks that might lead to death. Look for free resources on this website and be on your way to victory over death. You can also take it a step further by checking the Praying Woman Blueprint program.

Another reason

Death is always visiting your family.

My story

I had a situation in my family which I have shared on my YouTube channel. Someone would die in the month of June and July. No one paid attention to what was happening because of spiritual blindness. My cousin and I decided to fast and pray for that spirit of death to go back to the grave.

We did a 21 day of prayer and fasting. The following year, there was no death.

The other reason why you see death in a dream is that in your family there might be a death pattern. You always lose family members because the enemy has planted a spirit of death in your family. In most cases, these family members die mysteriously. The enemy is trying to locate your family and you must not slack in prayer.

Whatever has brought you to this article must not go back with you, in Jesus’ name.

Isaiah 25:8 –

He will swallow up death for all time and the lord God will wipe tears away from all faces. He will remove the reproach of his people from all the earth. The Lord has spoken.

Ask the Lord to swallow up all death traps that are attacking your family. He will deliver you, and cancel all the family names that have been listed on the death list of the enemy.

Dreaming about a dead person talking to you

The Bible says that there’s no connection between the dead and the living (Isaiah 26:14). Some Christians think that it’s a good thing to see a dead loved one in the dream. Do you know that the appearance of that dead family member brings death to everything in your life?

I want you to observe what follows after seeing a dead person in your dreams for some time. They don’t just come but to steal, kill and destroy anything good around you.

The enemy wants to pollute your mind. He wants to divert your thoughts into thinking about things that are dead in your life i.e a failed relationship or marriage, a lost job or property that was stolen from you. This will make you dwell on these thoughts and you will not think about the future and new things to come.

God is warning you!

Dreaming about death can come as a warning that trouble, sickness and suffering is coming your way. The enemy is on a mission to attack your blessings and bring sorrow and pain to your life. You experience unforeseen problems and you get attacked by sickness. This is the way of the enemy to attack and swallow your finances and bring suffering.

Pray that God protects your finances from the claws of the enemy and cancel all the arrows of sickness that might be pointed at you.

Dreaming of someone who passed away

The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:5 says –

For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing and they have no more reward, for the memory of them is forgotten.

Seeing a relative who passed away in a dream is not a very good dream. No matter how close you were with the person, there’s nothing good here. It means that you have a connection with spirits of death. This causes everything in your life to standstill just like a dead person. You do not progress in anything, whatever you do in your life is just motionless, you toil without gain. Pray and ask God to disconnect your spirit from the dead.

Dreaming about sleeping with a person who passed away is a very dangerous dream.

This dream is a clear indication of evil plantation through sex in the dream. The enemy is trying to inflict your body with pain. He is trying to bring you a disease that will cause so much suffering and you might lose your life to it. In the dream, you might be eating with a dead person. It’s scary, right?

What is Satan targeting?

  • Your marriages – marriage problems.
  • Marital destiny – late marriage.
  • Finances – attracts debt and financial hardship.
  • Children (if looking for the fruit of the womb).
  • Business and career.
  • Bringing stagnation to your life, leading to poverty.
  • Inflicting sickness.
  • Instil fear and confusion in you.
  • Causing destruction.

And more…

If you have such a dream, go into warfare. There are dreams that push you into taking action. Don’t waste time complaining or just talking about it. Wake up and enter into prayer and fasting. The enemy is never gentle. Fast and pray to cancel the enemy’s plans. If you can, seek prayers from other believers to uproot this evil plantation.

Is someone trying to kill you?

2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here.

Dreaming that you are dead does not mean that you will die. It is symbolic to the dying of certain things in your life and for the new ones to resurrect. It is a sign that some things that have been a stumbling block in your life have passed and you are being renewed in the spirit and your physical life. Your life is getting back in order and you are about to receive massive blessings from God.

However, seeing yourself dead in a dream can be a warning that the enemy is sending you the forces of darkness to pursue your life. It is important that you pray and cancel this spirit as the enemy is trying to bring you untimely death.

The enemy can use this dream to instil fear in you. He wants you to get confused on whether it will come to pass or it is just a dream. In doing that, he will attack you even more as you will not concentrate on praying but live in fear. That is the time to pray without ceasing.

What is untimely death according to the Bible?

Untimely death is death that happens to someone before the right time, due to an unexpected occurrence. Usually it comes in the form of a short illness, car accident or being shot accidentally. These are the works of an enemy who always comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Declare the following:

Psalm 118:17 –

“I shall not die, but I shall live and declare the good works of the Lord.

There’s power in the words you speak over your own life. Be a prophet over your life and see restoration take place.

Dream about killing someone

Killing someone in a dream does not mean that you will kill a person in real life. The enemy is trying to use your spirit to do something very bad. He wants to tempt you to do something that will give you a serious problem in your life. Always be sure of the consequences of what you want to do before you can do it.

Another side to this dream is that your spiritual strength has increased. It is good that you’re the one killing the person and not the other way round. If you’re a prayerful child of God, this is victory for you. You have seen dreams where one gets killed and in the waking life, everything starts to fall apart.

Killing someone you know in a dream means that your relationship with that person or a certain person in your life is in jeopardy. The enemy is trying to end that relationship. It might be a relative that gives you good advice, a friend that prays together with you or someone who helps you in times of need. The enemy is not pleased with that, he wants you to be vulnerable all the time.

Dreaming that you killed an intruder in your home means that the enemy has been coming to you spiritually to steal your blessings. By killing in your dream, you have overcome the enemy and cancelled the spirit of loss in your life.

Killing someone in self defence in a dream means that God is fighting for you. You are protected from death and all the bad spirits that are attacking you. It means that your prayers have fought off the enemy, you have conquered. Stay in prayer because the enemy does not give up.

Micah 5:9 says “Your hand will be lifted up against your adversaries, and all your enemies will be cut off.”

You can win any invisible battle by focusing on the one who defeated the enemy publicly on the cross – JESUS! Stay on the prayer altar and watch your life change.

How to cancel bad dreams –

“By the blood of Jesus Christ, I erase every consequence of the bad dream(s) I had. Satan, I have the authority over you, be bound and cast out of my life – in Jesus’ name. You bad dream (mention the dream), I banish you from manifesting in the physical. I declare that you will never see the sun, in Jesus’ name.”

Begin to claim your blessings back, i.e, good health, long life etc

Prayer points:

Use these prayer points at midnight (12am). Those attacking your life are more active between 12am and 3am. May the Lord give you understanding.

1. You evil agents transforming into animals at night in order to attack me in the dream, be consumed by the fire of God and die – in the name of Jesus.

2. I declare that I will live and not die. Every spirit of death attaching itself to my life, catch fire and burn to ashes – in Jesus’ name.

3. Evil prophecies of death over my life, backfire in Jesus’ name.

4. Every power assigned to oppress my life with the spirit of death, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

5. Let every demon with an assignment to steal my money through sickness and disease– fall down and perish in Jesus’ name.

6. I speak death to every spirit of untimely death in my family. Your time is over! Be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

7. Every satanic agents monitoring my life for evil, fall down and perish in the name of Jesus.

8. Every unconscious gift of death that I have received, receive the fire of God in the name of Jesus.

9. Every stubborn pursuer of my life, turn back and perish in your own red sea in the name of Jesus.

10. Holy Spirit, strengthen my spirit to win every battle in the dream.

11. Father, by your mighty outstretch arm, overshadow my dream life and reveal more than I know.

12. Any family member or relative involved in wicked schemes against my life, Holy Spirit expose them.

13. Fire of God, uproot every evil plantation in my life.

14. Father release your anointing oil over my body and burn any satanic deposit hiding in my destiny in Jesus’ name.

15. M y life is fruitful. None of my blessings will be given to another – in Jesus’ name.

16. I claim all my blessings I have lost to the enemy in the past due to spiritual attacks.

17. I nullify and cancel every evil dream from its roots by power in the blood of Jesus.

18. Every breakthrough the enemy is targeting be restored back to me seven times in Jesus’ name.

The Lord will fight your battles!

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