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Praying Woman: 6 Things To Consider Before Starting An Online Ministry

Do you have a desire to start an online ministry but don’t know how or where to start? Every praying woman or christian woman has the ability to impact not only her family and loved ones but the world.
Look at what God says about her in Proverbs 31:25;

She’s clothed with strength and dignity; She can laugh at days to come.

Woman, you are equipped with so much strength to take on anything. Remember how us women are able to multi-task several things at once while men get stuck with only one task.

In this article, I want to show you how to step out in faith, find a strong why to start your own online ministry.

Firstly, forget about being perfect

Perfectionism is a killer of dreams. In pursuit of being perfect or waiting for that perfect time, your destiny is being robbed. You were born to fulfill a certain assignment. The sooner you realize that, the better.

My case was different. I lived in confusion for so many years. Not because I was waiting for a perfect time…NO! I had no idea what my assignment was. That’s even worse, right? It might be you right now. Time has come for you to walk in your designed purpose.

Let’s put some things in check before you can start your online ministry.

  1. Homemaking: Put your house in order

Make your home a successful ministry first. Just take time to enjoy seeing your family happy and not being hard on yourself.  Make sure that you are made whole first…loving yourself before you can help someone else.

Something that will really help you succeed if you feel the Lord has called you into ministry is making sure that your home is in oder. What do I mean by this? Your family will be your biggest fans. You’ll be able to pray and receive answers when there’s peace in the home.

Remember that as a minister, you will be sharing out of the abundance of your heart. What is in your heart will always come out and people will see it. If your heart has anger and resentment, you may try to mask it for sometime but it’ll eventually be exposed.

Your greatest ministry starts in your home. Be fine with taking care of your family first before you can jump into this big one. Start by creating a haven for you and everyone at home. It’s alright to just be a good mom, wife, sister to your loved ones for now. This is not time wasted.

Most of the ministries which overlook this part end up falling apart. That won’t be your portion, in Jesus’ name!

The benefit:

It lays a foundation for success. Love springs forth from the family to community and the world.

  1. Have a strong why:

Why is this important?

Without finding a strong why, you won’t find the reason to do anything or reach your goals. Online ministry success comes when you have a purpose and a strong reason to make it happen. It’s like having a car with fuel.

A look at my own Youtube channel story:

When I started with my Youtube channel, there was so much fire in my bones. I knew why I was doing it and it felt like it was taking long for me to start.

Some of you know my story of how God healed me of cancer (Leukemia). After this, I wanted to find a way to appreciate God for a chance to live again and be a mother to my children. I didn’t want to die one day having done nothing to change someone’s life. That was my why.

Because this was so strong, I worked on my Youtube channel with so much passion, determination and sincerity. I was ready to tell the world about my story.

Starting a Youtube channel was never in my vocabulary. I’m a more behind the scenes kind of person. God clothed me with strength and many times I laughed at problems and obstacles because I knew where I was going and who had sent me.

Every obstacle I faced on the way became nothing to me. To show you how serious this was, I would film two videos, spending the whole day working on things and come to realize the audio was not on. Whaaaat?? Yes, this happens but you keep going…

  1. Take care of the spiritual side of things:

Everything is spiritual first. It’s important to know that God is involved in what you’re doing. As a christian woman, every activity must be as unto God. Success will come if you don’t allow yourself to get in the way of God.

Proverbs 16:3 puts it this way;

Commit your actions to the Lord and your plans will succeed. 

Even if you know that you have everything such as knowledge and equipments, commit your ways to the Lord.

Proverbs 3:5 says;

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.

This should be your everyday job. Praying women win! It is important to prepare physically, but spiritual preparation is equally important. Many women in ministry miss this part. They start their online ministry and then wonder why it’s not growing.

After a couple of years into my my online ministry, I created a course called PRAYING WOMAN BLUEPRINT PROGRAM. It has helped over 130 women to stand up and fight every spiritual obstacle blocking their blessings. You can do the same…check it out HERE.

Remember, some problems can be very stubborn. Aimed at stopping your calling by keeping you in stagnation for years. Some Christians are delayed by spiritual roadblocks put in place by spiritual robbers whom you cannot see with your physical eyes. Some things can only be dealt with using spiritual weapons.

  1. Choose that one person well:

The success of your online ministry will be greatly determined by how well you understand the person you desire to serve.

I know that God has called us to serve all people but you cannot be everything to everyone. To avoid overwhelm which can lead to quitting because you’re all over the place, focus on one group of people you can serve well.

What are you passionate about? How can you channel that energy into helping someone else.

For example;

  • you can choose to serve women who are struggling with rebellious children.
  • Women in ministry and helping them to plan and navigate through different tasks.
  • Praying women who want to elevate their prayer life through fasting.
  • A stay at home mom who loves homemaking. Encouraging her to consider that as her ministry.
  • You can work with singles looking to get married or married women who are praying for marriage restoration.
  • Christian women entrepreneurs.
  • The list goes on….

How can you offer value to these people?

One thing to remember is that people don’t care about you except you offer them value. They wont listen to you because you come from the same country or you look amazing. They care about themselves first and the value you offer them. This is so hard to grasp but God will give you the grace to do so.

Always bear in mind that these are real people with real needs. If you’re intending to start an online ministry on any of the social media platforms, keep this in mind.

My Facebook story:

When I started my online ministry some years ago, I wanted to push women to pray and fast. I saw that many christian women struggled with spiritual issues such as generational curses and the only way to break that was by using the name of Jesus through prayer and fasting.

Matthew 17:21 says;

However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.

By this scripture, I knew that some problems would not leave except they engage in prayer and fasting. Remember what I told you about spiritual first. This came as a revelation to me as I was praying one morning.

The holy Spirit knows what the needs of the people you’ll be serving are. My facebook group grew from few hundreds to 185,000 in a couple of months. I understood what the women I was serving needed, and provided a solution for them. This is the secret to growing your online ministry effortlessly. Never ignore this part.

  1. Create a platform for outreach:

Go where your followers gather online. After all the above steps are put in place, create a platform for yourself. This is your online ministry. You can choose to start a Youtube channel, facebook group, Instagram page or be on every platform.

It must be something you love to do and can be sustained over time. I know of people who can’t see themselves in front of the camera. If that’s you, go for a platform that gives you peace. You’re an individual. I believe that knowledge is power. It’s something that I didn’t have when I started.

If you can see my first Youtube video, it shows that I was so scared. If I had this information earlier, I would have probably chosen Facebook and instagram as the only platforms but I thank God for His grace. I was scared but did it anyway.  Years later, here I am testifying to the glory of God.

Sometimes, God has a way of pushing His children into their destinies through adversity.

Set up your online ministry for success:

Best on which platform you have chosen, set everything up to help you succeed. I know that God is the one who causes one to succeed but you’ll have to do your part well too.

Quick tip: Put in the effort because nothing works by itself. It will be hard in the beginning but keep pushing until you go over the hump of working hard but seeing no results. I know that praying women love to only pray and leave everything in God’s hands. That won’t work here. That’s called laziness as the bible puts it below;

Proverbs 24:33-34;

A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest – and poverty will come on like a thief and scarcity like an armed robber.

This is not me speaking :). Truth is, the bible compares laziness to an armed robber. That’s scary!

Let’s talk about Youtube:

I know this place in and out. It’s my home and I can tell you everything even with my eyes closed.

If you’ll go this route, pick a name which you will love. I’m telling you now. I made this mistake and I wish I had taken time to think through things. You can check my youtube channel called Mumbi Inspired HERE.

The name sounds good but if I had to do it again, it would have been my name. You get the point? You can name your channel anything as long as;

  • It’s short
  • People can remember and pronounce it correctly
  • Think long term
  • Something you can be proud of

Your YouTube channel must look professional. People will take you seriously and believe in what you’re doing if you carry yourself well. By this I mean;

Creating eye catching banners or thumbnails, a great video title and quality content. It doesn’t help to have great content inside your videos and yet the title is not attractive. Viewers see the title first. Canva provides you with every design idea you can ever dream of.  Other than that, you are good to go.

If you are comfortable with Facebook

Facebook is another great platform to share what the Lord places upon your heart. In the early days of my online ministry, I actually thought that Facebook was boring. I had not used it before and with my age, it took time to get a hang on things.

As time went on, it turn out to be a very effective social platform for any ministry. You can make it your home where you share your story, allow your followers to share theirs too.

On my Praying Women Win Facebook group, It feels good to see fellow sisters free to talk about what bothers them. They feel at home to share testimonies, word of encouragement, prayer requests and this is what ministry is all about.

What is amazing about having everyone on Facebook is that they create content for you. I will tell you that I receive over 50 posts a day. Of course, not every post is good but you can still pick 10-20 of them to post. This keeps people engaged without you having to create content every other day.

What else can you do on your Facebook group to grow your ministry?

  • Showcase your upcoming events
  • Tell your followers about where else to find you such as website, Youtube and Instagram
  • A great place to connect with women from other ministries and learn from one another.
  • You can increase funding for your ministry by announcing the paid resources you have.

Love instagram?

If you’re young at heart, this is your place to flourish. I’ve learnt that doing ministry, one has to be open minded. You want to reach as many people as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’m on all the three platforms and they are all different. If I can tell you that it’s doable, believe me. Just spread your wings and fly 

  1. Finally, be inspired, inspire and guard your emotions.

Be inspired:

More than inspiring others all the time, be inspired by what others are doing too.

Take yourself where your fellow women in ministry are. Join other groups on Facebook and learn from them (Proverbs 27:17)

Inspire others:

Sometimes, I find myself inspired as I inspire others. This becomes easier as your ministry grows.  They look at where God has taken you from and where you’re now. That’s a message in itself.

Guard your emotions:

Watch out against losing yourself trying to be everything to everyone.  Social media can be very toxic even though you’re using it for good reasons. Be a homemaker as your first ministry and let that peace flow to others.

It’s easy to get emotionally attached to what people say, subscribers and all the emotions that come with running an online ministry. I personally don’t involve my family too much in what I do on these social media platforms.

Be authentic: 

I can’t emphasize this enough. Be a real a person and that’s all your followers want to see. These are real people with real issues and it is in my opinion insulting to not be authentic in what you’re sharing.

If you want to see your ministry blow up, be authentic in whatever you’re sharing with your followers.

So, in conclusion:

Starting an online ministry is a great way to live in your purpose and impact many lives with the gospel of Jesus’ Christ.  Many things can stand in your way such as not having a broken home and spiritual bondage.

  • Take a step of faith and just do it!
  • Make sure that things are going well at home. Homemaking as a praying woman is your first ministry and it helps you win every where you go.
  • To succeed in your online ministry, seek the Lord first.

Work on all the steps I have shared in this article, ask the Lord for direction and your ways will succeed.

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