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Jesus, above all

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As a wife and mother...

 while also running a busy online ministry – I desire to see every Christian woman gain the confidence of balancing the home life and ministry.

A woman who knows who she is in Christ has the ability to impact her family and the world. This comes from finding purpose in what God has called her to be even if that means cooking or being a full-time stay-at-home mom.

Agnes Mumbi
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We Pray and Support Here

By the grace of God, our family is constantly growing, and elevating in every area of our lives. God is prospering us everyday and I want you to be apart of this.

Growth & Change
We support you in your Christian journey

Our communities

Prayer and Fasting

For any Christian, prayer and fasting is essential in your walk with God. That is why in this family, we pray and fast often. God shows up for us every time!


The available courses allow you to grow in your faith, learn more about God and understand the spiritual realm. Each course is tailored to your personal needs – and it is self-paced.


One thing we are thankful for is a community of kind and faith-filled people. You don’t have to feel alone. Our socials are full of like-minded friends and family that will pray and support you.

One-on-One Sessions

Periodically, I will have one-on-one sessions to coach and listen to you. I believe sharing and providing advice is an important part of our faith, and I’m always blessed to interact with you.

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